Networks and associations

Foundations are dedicated to generating added value, alleviating the suffering of disadvantaged people, improving well-being and living conditions, and tackling the major challenges faced by our planet. However, they do not operate alone. In many cases, achieving sustainable impact will require good coordination with other stakeholders. The world is changing at a rapid pace, making it increasingly challenging to keep up with new approaches and trends, as well as to keep track of potential funding gaps. Collaboration is, therefore, key to effective foundation work.  

Working groups and digital exchange

The working groups of the foundation associations “SwissFoundations” and “proFonds” offer easy and effective opportunities for networking and information sharing. Members have the chance to discuss current challenges, learn from each other and jointly develop new solutions.  

The conferences and symposia held by these associations always meet with great interest: in addition to providing expertise, they are an opportunity for networking among members and with interested parties, and provide a framework for future-oriented discussions in a trusted setting.  

Furthermore, the Swiss online portal has launched an innovative LinkedIn-style platform for philanthropy: the aim is to facilitate and promote interaction, inspiration and sharing of thematic and methodological issues in relation to philanthropy.